About us

Our Vision

To be frontliners in the African brand stratosphere, creating alpha standard brand  solutions for today’s business and tomorrow’s global brands

Our Culture

We have created a model that embodies our way of life as a company. This way of life influences all communication, engagement and delivery

We Build Brands That Shapen The Future

we help our client’s brands grow in value and customer base by optimizing their brand image, content and culture, therefore birthing an experience for their customers to have  shareable stories about the brand in question.

We are not your regular brand company, we are value, result and solution driven. We team up with our clients to create outstanding brand solutions that outlive current market trends and craft a signature experience consistent to their brand.


We believe that collectively we achieve more, hence we deploy collective strengths in different aspects of branding to deliver a solution that’s both creatively and strategically balanced.

Our clientele cuts across business sectors, stages and sizes. We are passionate about helping businesses prosper, so we strategically position them to reach milestones easily and smash their goals ultimately. *In their success, we succeed.



1 Simplicity

We  do our best to deliver solutions in the most understandable and practicable manner, so the client(s) can apply and get results. *If the solution isn’t simple, it’s still a problem*

2  Leadership

Leadership isn’t about action, it’s about vision and direction. This inspires us to first lead ourselves before we know that our client(s) depend on us for direction in the short run and the industry will be defined by our insight into the future in the long run

3 Innovation
The future is about innovation because it shows how we can make out the future from today, hence we are always particular about all that we have at hand because the future depends on them
4 Culture
We  do our best to deliver solutions in the most understandable and practicable manner, so the client(s) can apply and get results. *If the solution isn’t simple, it’s still a problem*
5 Excellence
We don’t strive to be perfect but we do all we can to remain excellent through our purpose, process and performance

what makes us PrimeX

To get the best we run a totally infused work-play template wherein team members churn out ground breaking solutions by reaching into their ‘inner-child’ on the background of imagination, gamification, music and conservations

For us, if it’s not simple, it’s not selling. We make sure our communication with clients and solution delivery is characterized by ridiculous simplicity so clients can have a clear understanding of what we have done and what they need to do because indeed it’s a collaboration to reach the ultimate goal.


At every point of our work we ensure we are in line with basic excellence standards, so irrespective of  the budget involved we can never be not excellent because we think in excellence so we produce it by default.

Our mindset about work is interwoven with tomorrow concerning the service(s) we render. Our signature question when we create a solution for a brand is, *”is this the future of this brand?”* and if we can’t clearly  answer in the affirmative, we know we have work to do. We are not satisfied with today’s possibilities, we push for tomorrow’s potentials.

At PrimeX Branding, we don’t think in the line of  staff and client, rather we think in the line of family, staff being nuclear and clients being extended. We understand that just like in a family everyone has an individual role and  a collective responsibility of upholding the reputation of the family name. That in mind, we treat our family members with respect and honour at all times

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